LPG endermologie
LPG endermologie

This treatment delivers a multi-dimensional, pleasant, and natural stimulation at the surface of the skin to boost fat release as well as the natural production of collagen and elastin.

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What can it do for you?
What can it do for you?

* Noticeable results after the very 1st session. 􏰞 *After 6 sessions, cellulite dimples are smoothed 􏰞 *After 12 sessions, +70% of fat released **

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Lipomassage Classic

We offer you a customized  treatment for a target area for slimming, re-sculpt, smooth and firm your skin. It is recommended 12 sessions. In each session you will receive about  30 mins massage with LPG equipment ,follow by the application of LPG products in the targeted area. Under the treatment you will use an "endermoware" which you can loan for 30sek if available or buy it for 280sek. 

800 sek / session , 900 sek for customized treatment for 1-8 areas.

LPG Endermologie Express

15- 20 minutes treatment for one target area. This option suits to those who takes a break from work, have limited time or just  haven't work out during the day,  then you can increase the blood circulation and to improve the appearance of your skin as we will use our technique to lift your skin among other benefits. Consult you masseur to get more information about it. You will be using an endermoware during you session and you can loan one for 30 sek or buy a new one for 280 sek.

495 SEK per session / area

Oil massage 30 or 60 min

Relaxes your  muscles and decrease the stress, you  will experience a calming effect on the nervous system and the  increase of blood circulation in the muscles. This alternative is also a good option if you have post exercise pain or tired legs.


The half body massage is 30 min long and it we specially focus on back, shoulder blade and neck.

Our 60 minutes option is a full body massage.

30 min 450SEK / 650 SEK 60 min

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